1. Hackers & Painters - Paul Graham

“People who do good work often think that whatever they’re working on is no good. Others see what they’ve done and think it’s wonderful, but the creator sees nothing but flaws. This pattern is no coincidence: worry made the work good.”

2. The Cathedral & The Bazaar - Eric S. Raymond

“You often don’t really understand the problem until the first time you implement a solution.”

3. The Open Organization - Jim Whitethrust

“But what’s less clear is that to truly perform at a peak level, simply defining a purpose is not enough. It’s just a first step. What sets open organiszations apart, and what gives them a true competitive advantage, is that they also have embraced the idea that they need to activate the emotional passions and desires among their workers to actually reach that ultimate destination as defined by their purpose.”

“Purpose is a baseline. But when you add passion,it’s like pouring gasoline on the fire.That’s what can take your organization to the next level of performance and achievement.”

4. Modern Information Retrieval - Ricardo Baeza-Yates

This book was the first computer science book I deep dived into. I explored and implemented many of the algorithms described within.

5. The Mythical Man-Month - Fred Brooks

“Q: How does a software project get to be a year late? A: One day at a time.”