My code in the wild

I didn’t create a new operating system, I didn’t create a revolutionary application, or I didn’t create a groundbreaking framework. However, I did make my own tiny contribution back to the opensource community. A community that I have gained so much from. In 2016 I created a Jekyll theme for this website and published it on Github. I recently viewed the repository to see 52 people had forked the repository and 32 had liked it.

I was curious to know how these people had been using my website. When I viewed the forked repositorys and accompanying websites, I was humbled to see my code being utilzied by so many people. Each for there own use case. This was my first experience of having code I wrote used outside of a work environment. It was a highly rewarding moment. I have seen my site template used by a business analyst, physicist, economist, software engineer, blockchain entrepreneur, and student.

I didn’t change the world but I did make a contribution!

Github Repo