My code in the wild

Throughout my education and early professional life, I have utilized the Opensource Community and its endless array of projects; Linux and its distributions, Java, Python, Django and Git to only name a few. This projects have been the bed rock for everything I have built as a software engineer. So in 2016, when I created a Jekyll theme for this website and published it on Github, I was thrilled to contribute to the community that I have relied on so heavily myself.

I recently viewed the repository to see 52 people had forked the repository. When I viewed the forked repositories and accompanying websites, I was humbled to discover my code was being utilised by so many people with numerous professional backgrounds. For example, a business analyst, physicist, economist, software engineer, blockchain entrepreneur and student have all built their site using my template. This was my first experience having code I wrote used outside of the work environment. It was a highly rewarding moment.

Github Repo