Youtube is undeniably the best online platform for distributing and consuming videos. The quality of the content is consistently getting better. As a result, I’m always finding new channels that I immediately love. However, I have various issues with the platform itself. The biggest is with the history page for users. There is a lack of proper analysis and statistics on the videos you have watched.

People desire to know the total number of hours they have spent on the platform and videos they have viewed. Also, how many times they have watched their favorite video along with a breakdown of their top channels.

After seeing a gap in the youtube platform, I searched for a way to make the above numerical data available to the Youtube user. In seeking to find a solution, my research concluded that a chrome extension tool would be best suited to this scenario.

It works by automatically obtaining the details of every video you have watched from the history page. It then parses the data pulling the relevant information and saves this to the browser’s local storage.

The following image is an example of the extension in action.

The tool can be downloaded from the Chrome store here