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About Myself

I am a software engineer with deep knowledge of web application development and enterprise integrations. I recieved a first class masters degree in Software Engineering from UCD. I am an advocate for agile software development practices and open organisations. I have developed and deployed many enterprise applications.



NUI Galway Computer Science

I completed a four year bachelors degree in Computer Science. Elements of the course included Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Networks and Communications, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Real Time Systems.


Big Idea Enterprise Competition Runner-up

Our team placed second in NUI Galway Big Idea enterprise competition receiving €5000 investment. We developed an idea to allow cafes and restaurants give loyalty points to their customers through a mobile app using QR codes. This would replace plastic and paper loyalty cards for the customers.

April 2014

Software Developer with M&M Qualtech

I designed an application, which ensured the correct appliance of labels onto medical devices.

May 2013 - September 2014

UCD Masters Software Engineering

I completed a one year Masters in Software Engineering. There was a large emphasis placed on the development of flexible and maintainable code. The program has given me an in depth knowledge of virtualization, cloud deployment, web services along with software processes such as Test driven development.

Sept 2014 - Sept 2015

Integration Engineer with Ericsson

I worked on the development of a log analysis tool for the Multi Service Proxy system. The tool was developed in Python. The tool allows the "support team" locate errors on the distributed nodes more effectively.

May 2015 - Feb 2016

Software Engineer with IBM Watson Health

Building out Watson Care Managers portfolio of API's to accelerate the digital transformation of organizations with existing clinical systems. Helping drive healthcare interoperability through utilization of the FHIR standard.

Feb 2016 - Jan 2021

Software Engineer with Patreon

Helping fund the creative community.

Feb 2021 - current


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